November 2010

November 3, 2011, from The River Farm Visitors' Book

Der zufall hat uns her gefuhrt. Gern sind wir geflieben. Hatten eine schone zeit. Kommen sicherlich mal wieder. Wenn unser weg zum Gamka fuhrt. Dan aan Colin u Bronwyn.                                                                                                             Brigitte and Gunter, November 2010.

What wonderful, peaceful, surroundings these cottages provide. We had an awesome stay and even experienced a ‘veldfokus’ moment with the birds protecting their nest from a Boomslang. We loved every moment! Hope to see you soon. Thanks a million.                                                                           DJ and Elaine. November 2010.

With your unpaid concierge and ambassador Jock, you could afford to hike your rates up a bit! Beautiful peaceful surroundings. Thank you!                                                     Mike and Colleen, November 2010.

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