March 2010

November 1, 2011, from The River Farm Visitors' Book

“A brother came and stayed with a certain solitary and when he was leaving he said:  Forgive me Father, for I have broken in upon your Rule. But the hermit replied, saying: My Rule is to receive you with hospitality and let you go in peace”. (Verba Seniorum). I was received with generous hospitality. I left with deep peace. Blessings.                                                                                                 Simon, March 2010

You are lucky to live in an extremely special valley. We misbehaved terribly (sorry) but we thoroughly enjoyed our short overnight stay. Your cottages are great and very well done. Congrats. If we are allowed to return, it will have to be for longer. Best wishes for the future of your cottages.                              Lynne and Alastair, March 2010.

We have been together for 60 years, 54 of marraige. Been all over SA and the world. Protea and Fynbos cultivated export farmers. Love everything about life and loved your place (in spite of the heat! Shoo!). Fortunately brought our own fan along. We have cottages on our farm on top of the mountain at Porterville, come and visit us. We just loved Jock. He is a dear little dog, polite and unobtrusive…I loved your books. Read Nietzsche, Justin Cohen and Richard Dawkins. Nietzsche is a rather unhappy chappy. Your chalets are truly lovely and the views of the river superb. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay with you.                                           Denis and Alleysia, March 2010

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