July 2011

November 7, 2011, from The River Farm Visitors' Book

“This morning as we woke, an eagle called our name; the crow answered back…and somehow our soul feels no more the same.” Us.                                               Thanking you for opening your doors to travellers like us, always looking for a place that is calm, relaxing and as beautiful as God intended nature to be. A place where couples can re-connect and enjoy being together with the only distraction, true ‘Little Karoo’ – beauty…and the occasional sound from our friend, Jock! Seeing you again soon.                                                The Bosch’e, July 2011

Baie dankie vir die lekker tydjie. Dit was Hemel op aarde. Ons het dit regtig baie geniet. Die stilte was die beste. Dan praat ek nie eers van die natuurskoon. Ek het gister die eerste keer in 40 jaar het ek the roep van die visarend gehoor dit het so baie van my kinderdaie terug gebring. Baie dankie aan River View moet dit nooit verander.                                    Flas en Barbara, July 2011.

Awesome place, good energies and tranquility. Good books, love the views, will be back.        Riaan, July 2011.

Besonderse mense en beonderse plek!                    D&M, July 2011.

‘n Fantastiese naweek, te vinnig verby! 500 foto’s verder en ons sal dit beslis nie vergeet…Vredevolle, sielsrus, salig na aan ons skepper ‘n naweek net soos ons gevra het. “I’ve been followed by a moon shadow…Leaping and hopping in a moonshadow”. Julle sal ons weer sien!                                                                                                                Bertus en Lizette, July 2011.

Die grootsheid van die indrukwekkende omgewing, die speling in lig en teksture, die baldadigheid van die aalwyne in blom, die detail van die Moraeas, die bokhorinkies en die kappiesblomme, die voelgesang en die vrygewigheid en deurdagtheid van hulle wat die onderdak geskep het, maak die ‘n onvergeetlike ervaring. Ons se baie dankie.                                           Christo en Irma, July 2011

We think this is the most beautiful and tranquil place we’ve ever stayed in. The aloes and succulents are in full flower at this time and are incredibly fantastic. The stars at night look close enough to reach out to and touch. We’ve so enjoyed our walking and birding – two newies for us were the fairy flycatcher and the yellow fronted sparrow. Seeing the fish eagles and hearing their call reminded us of our life in Malawi. It has been lovely here – thank you.                                                                                                Tom and Regine, July 2011.

Baie dankie dat ons in hierdie plek kon deel. Ons hoop om gou weer te kom en teen dan sal ons, ons baba dogertjie die plek kan kom wys.                                                                  Lara en Riaan, July 2011.

First impressions: A hidden valley with history, not only mountains, views, a river, but a place discovered through adventure by pioneers that found a place of abundance. Soft moonlight, a peaceful noisy stillness. Sounds, shadows, serenity. A perfect moment in time, captured (experienced) but never repeated. May our stay bring forth the important thoughts of reflection and inner soul finding. Only in this quietness can we hear our own true thoughts.

After thoughts: Time has come and gone. A cottage of image is all that remains. Mountains protecting us from the outside world. A river that gives life, entertainment, exercise. Changing colours – sunshine, shadows, moonlight. The movement of time captured within the confines of a small valley. A true piece of heaven – or as close as we can get on Earth.

Thanks: The books in the library is an exciting collection. The map with walks, etc. very nice touch. The hammock – perfect relaxation. The canoe – wonderful way to explore the river. Water from shower watering a tree – fantastic, briliant. For the enjoyable stay – thanks.                                                                                                                                       Grevile and Sharon, July 2011.

The Old School House: Bronwyn, Colin and boys, Thank you for a wonderful and peaceful three day stay. Words cannot describe how we experienced the silence, birdsong and sweet smell of veld and flowers. And then the amazing history of this building – What a privilege  for those who went to school here, and can come back to visit. Thank you Cole, for the fishing gear!                                                                         Alfie, Liezl, Roelof and Lara. July 2011.

The Old School House: Thanks for a wonderful few days! I found The Old School House online a couple of years ago and knew it would be great – it has taken us a few years to get here and it has exceeded all our expectations. A real gem! We will definitely be back.                                                                                                                            Kelvin, Belinda, Joel, Luke and Kyla. July 2011.

The Old School House: Had a great time – a special place to visit.                                   Molenaar and Joubert family. July 2011.

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