January 2011

November 4, 2011, from The River Farm Visitors' Book

We loved lying in the hammock – gazing at the stars. Special place – thanks.                                                                             Karen and Mark, January 2011

Ma se maar dis warm! Had an awesome time here in your valley. Beautiful area and well thought out accommodation. Stunning plants and loads of good photo spots. Looking forward to a cooler time of the year here. “Love nature, love yourself and have fun”.                                                    Vonan and Chrizelle, January 2011.

Very nice and tranquil here. You are fortunate to live in such a beautiful place and we are fortunate to have had the chance to share it with you, if only briefly. Many thanks.                                                                                   Tracey and Richard, January 2011.

Le fom quehaja alguesm que consiga proporoionar aus outnus momentos de feli. Erdecde e de prazen. Este local’s maravichiso. O meu muito obiqada.                                                                           Celeste, January 2011.

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