January 2010

October 31, 2011, from The River Farm Visitors' Book

Once again, a real treat to spend the weekend in the valley with the four of you. The cottages are magic and the view from the bedroom is magnificent.                                                          Gillian and Van, 1 January 2010.

A significant. A clean page. A new start, harnassing ‘the now’. Reflections of the year gone by – A tranquil, beautiful, awesome place to rest the soul and clear ‘psychological pollution’. A place to be quiet and dream. Simple abundance!                                                                                            Paula, 1 January 2010.

We had a wonderful time. Fresh air, tick. Fantastic water, tick. Canoe, tick. Braai, tick. Walk, tick.                                                                                                                 David and Bridget, 3 January 2010.

Momentos. Fantasticos. Mergulho no Rio. Jantar a luzdevelas. Bebendo vinho Olhamdoestrelos. Pereita Noite de Amor na Africa. Obrigada Senov!                                                          Karina, 25 January 2010.

The call of the hadedas in flight, the cry of the fish eagle, a winding road to comfy cottages overlooking a river that gives life to the green valley, in stark contrast to the Karoo bush. A friendly family, who soon become friends. Little Jock, with a welcoming wag, and regal Lawrence, walking alongside………These are some of the ingredients which blend together to make food for the soul! We’ll be back.                                     Eddie and Lyn, 29 January 2010.

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