December 2011

January 12, 2012, from The River Farm Visitors' Book

Excellent!!! Wish we could have this peaceful relaxing lifestyle everyday! Thanks to Bronwyn and family. Merry Xmas and a prosperous New Year.                                                                Leona and Henry, December 2011.

Awesome! Wow! I could hear God’s voice, my thoughts, peace, joy. And all this by simply being quiet. Will definitely be back!                                                 Riaan and Vlam, December 2011.

Next year I’ll be a 6year medical student. There is someone new in my life and I am excited about all the possibilities! I feel like I’m on the brink of something great! But it’s gonna cost me – my time, my energy, my love…my life.                                                  This house and farm was a place for me to quiet my soul and relax into this ‘unknowing phase’ in my life. I reached a point, under the stars, and I told God, “I am ready.”        Hane, December 2011.

Very sorry to be leaving this very special place today. It has been a wonderful, relaxing break spent with all my family dotted in houses across the valley. Fantastic to spend time together and equally wonderful to retreat back to Southern River View Cottage for a bit of quiet and lazy afternoons on the stoep. Thank you! Happy New Year!                    Paula, December 2011.

Two nights is not enough time to spend here! Dear Bronwyn and Colin, You two have fabulous things going here with these cottages. Thank you for sharing your wonderful piece of the Karoo with us. It was just what Colin and I needed as a R&R spot on our honeymoon.                                                                              Jen and Colin, December 2011.

I cannot fully express how wonderful my time here has been. The humdrum world has gone away and I am filled with a wonderful natural world of silence, peace and tranquility. The location is manna from heaven to my soul. A fantastic introduction to SA for a wondering Brit. As Jenneke has said, “we will be back,” and I can’t wait. Apart from all the beauty around me, I am very impressed by the very high quality of our accommodation. It is complete and wanting nothing, apart from a broom, LOL. My sincere congratulations to you both in providing such wonderful accommodation. Both very professional and and very homely. Our profound thanks.                                  Colin (disillusioned Brit) and Jenneke (SA farm girl), December 2011.

If you believe in heaven and magic is your charm, go to the Swartberg mountains to a place called the River View farm. “The landscape of the soul.”                          Philimon, December 2011.

If for a moment, you centre your thoughts and concentrate over the sights, sounds, smells that your are experiencing right now, you will find your inner bliss! How very privileged are we who are able to be in such a place, to throw off our city cares and stress, and to let this wonderful experience seep through our pores. Thank you to our hosts for allowing us to share in their little piece of heaven. May you continue forward, blesses by all that surrounds you. We will certainly take with us, a bit of this heaven, in our hearts!                                             Piet and Ronin, December 2011.

This is the perfect place to practice the ‘Power of Now’ (on the bookshelf). Forget about yesterday and forget about tomorrow. Never mind what happened an hour ago, don’t worry about what you will be doing in an hours time. You can’t change the past you don’t know what the future will bring. Sit, look, listen to the sounds of nature, listen to your breathing. What a blissful place and moment for your mind, body and soul.             Elke, December 2011.

This place speaks to my soul. You find a calmness here which is bliss to us city folks! Awesome view! The cottage is beautiful and we had a lovely stay! Jock is a sweetie. Enjoy the valley and nature – you are so lucky.                                      Daleen and Bossie, December 2011.

It’s been an absolute pleasure to be back at the River View Cottages. Walking, cycling, swimming and relaxing. I was so glad to see my good canine companion Jock again. He embodies the spirit of this special place. Thanks again for excellent accommodation, wonderful hospitality and a spectacular view! We will be back again.                         Erin and Matt, December 2011.

Exquisite, bellisimo- Thank you!        December 2011.

What a wonderful discovery. You are privileged to enjoy this beauty permanently. We love the cosiness, the cleanliness, the scenery. If we find any fault it’s the bed – too small and too soft. Thanks for the great stay!                                                   Glynn and Bebe, December 2011.

Thank you for letting us know, Glynn. We have replaced the bed with a new one! Kind regards, Bronwyn.      December 2011.

An absolutely amazing place to welcome the New Year! Awesome: Tranquility, view, river, mountains, stars. A magical place. Thanks for having us here!                            Arit and Mardince, December 2011.

This was the third leg of our holiday – Garden Route, Eastern Cape game reserve and now Little Karoo. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay here, in this well presented cottage. The bird life was good, and we saw several new ones. The view from the stoep is something special. Thank you for a taste of Karoo farm life.                                      Clive and Sandy, December 2011.

The road that brought us here: a dream. The cottage (simple but stylish), the valley, the river, the mountains, the fireplace, the stars, the early morning: A fairytale.                   Joost and Ingrid, December, 2011.

Dear Colin and Bronwyn, Thanks for a lovely stay on your beautiful farm! Aesthetics met  with great approval from two architects and the setting is perfect. Thanks for capturing our gecko residents and thanks for the crate! Love to Jock!                          Rose and Morne, December 2011.

What a wonderful stay we had in the Karoo – beautiful views, excellent accommodation and equipped magnificently. Thank you very much.                                             David and Miranda, December 2011.

Just a quick note to say that Nicholas and I had such a lovely stay at River View last week. The peace and beauty were just what we needed.We also enjoyed the ever present company of Jock who followed us on our walks, for our swims and even tried to hitch a ride in the canoe. I am attaching 2 Photos I took of him which I thought you might like. I have a Jack Russel myself and know just what characters these dogs are.

Michelle's picture of Jock

Michelle's picture of Jock

We had a wonderful time in this beautiful place.                                 Theo and Ille, December 2011.

Dear Bronwyn and Colin, We had wonderful, peaceful days here and enjoyed it most. Thank you for combining this beautiful place with good taste and positive vibes and Jock!                           Ille, Theo and Fritz, December 2011.

Hi Bronwyn, My husband and I stayed at your West Cottage on 29 and 30 Des, and I really just want to take the time to say thank you for the lovely time we had! We did a road trip in the Karoo and went to Buffelsdrift (4 star) in Oudtshoorn for New Year, but I can honestly say that River View is my top pick! We had such a relaxing get-away, swam like two children, rested out like we haven’t done in ages and it was fabulous! I wanted to pop by to pay you in person, but then the laziness crept in as I laid on the hammock and I just could not get up! I have posted about your accommodation on FaceBook and will really recommend River View! What a stunning little gem! So neat, tidy and clean! We will be back!! Big kiss to Jock for me! Love, Hilde.                                   December 2011.

Dear Bronwyn & Collin, When Theo & Ille asked me to join them, I halfheartedly said ok, let’s see, maybe, and so on…………and then we arrived and I set on the stoep of MY cottage and I felt @ home like never before….In german we say; atemberaubend, and even such a big word is not enough! Studied, meditated, philosophized, and decided to water your Kareeboom at the hottest time of the day and thereby causing your tank to run dry and giving Collin the headache of a lifetime, not to speak of the rather unloving remarks of my then not so friendly friends. Thank you both for a more than wonderful time. Kind regards, Fritz, also known as Philimon.                             December 2011.

Dear Bronwyn, I am sending this email as we didn’t get a chance to see you again and we want you to know just how much we were blown away by our stay. The cottage was divine and the views to die for! Both mornings I was up early to enjoy the quiet and the way the shadows on the mountains constantly changed the vistas. It was quite magical. We also enjoyed visits from two very friendly little dogs who came to say hello a few times. Also a special treat for us was the little nest above our stoep light with 3 babies in it. We never tired of watching the 2 very hard-working parents constantly feeding them. Our opinion was that they looked large enough to be booted out but were cashing in on the goodwill of their parents! It reminded us of our own child-rearing!! Anyway, once again, thank you for letting us share in your little bit of heaven. We hope to come back in the winter, when hopefully we’ll see some snow. Regards, Ronni.                                                                               December 2011.


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