December 2010

November 3, 2011, from The River Farm Visitors' Book

When we mentioned to friends that we were on our way to the small Karoo in mid-December, we were met with incredulous looks – December heat in the small Karoo – are we mad?! What a good decision it was. We have been blessed with beautiful surroundings, lovely weather and warm hospitality – thank you. If only it weren’t so far from Johannesburg…We’ve taken some great photos and will definitely spread the word.                                                                             N and P, December 2010.

Thanks for sharing your farm with us. Cottages 5 star! Hospitality 5 star! See you soon.                                                                              D and G, December 2010.

I came away to seek something else…To seek a place where I felt my soul. My soul lies here within these mountains, down the valley, across the river, dancing in the breeze. To leave it saddens me, but I know I’ll soon return. Thanks for a magical place and wonderful hospitality.                                      Erin and Mat, December 2010.

Ons het River View Cottages op die internet ‘ontdek’ en jul website is pragtig. Een van die min wat ‘n ware weergawe is van doe die plek werklik lyk. Die plek was net die ‘regte medisyne’ vir twee ‘oorwerkte’ stadsjappies om na ‘n jaar se ‘werkstres’ te kon ontspan en kop stoon te maak. Dit is mooier as the Gamkaskloof ‘Die Hel’, waar ons al twee keer was en baie makliker bereibaar. Gaan wyd vertel van die pragtige plek. Dankie vir die gasvryheid. Sien jou weer.                                                                                                                         Winston en Jackie, December 2010.

We just came to overnight but waht a marvelous place it is. We’re sure to come back and ejoy a much longer say. Bronwyn is amazing and Jock, well what a welcome we received from him.                                                                                            Chandon and Nasreem. December, 2010.

We really enjoyed our stay here in the lovely cottage. The peace and quiet in the beautiful surroundings was all we needed to be able to rest, at last! At night the brightness of the stars kept me in awe!                                                                                              Doris and Christopher, December 2010.

We came for a simple stop-over on R62 and discovered the peace of silence and beauty – the seemingly never ending rolling hills and mountains. A gem!                                                            Pierre and Mariette, December 2010

We’ll be back – great hikes but the tranquility outshines it all. we’re still waiting for Jock’s visit!                                                      Maija and Christiaan, December 2010.

Great peace and quiet, big storms, beautiful brooding mountains and fabulous (if scratchy) vegetation. We had a great time exploring the hills on our bikes, drifting on the raft on the river and meandering up the kloof. Thanks.                                                                          Jason and Cheryl, December 2010.

Drie nagte hier geslaap. dit was heerlik. Die stilte, die omgewing. Baie dankie, sal wier kom.                                                                             Anton, December 2010

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