December 2009

October 31, 2011, from The River Farm Visitors' Book

If heaven were a place on Earth,it would be a place like this. Where sheep converse with cows across the valley. Where the sun melts the coldest of hearts and the river plumps up the weakest of spirits. Where there’s like in every square inch. Where there’s not enough film in your roll. Where the world twinkles upside down at night. Where sleep is gift wrapped. Where lovers fall deeper in love, and the dreamers meet their dreams. Natalie, December 2009.

Thanks for letting us restore faith and spirit. You are inspirational. Jurgen, 27-30 December 2009.

Your dramatic and majestic mountain range has seduced me. our short stay in your valley offered time for reflection an for regaining inner tranquility. Thank you for this. Debbie, December 2009.

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