August 2013

August 16, 2013, from The River Farm Visitors' Book

Hi Bronwyn and Colin, Hope you are both well in your bit of paradise. I informed Trevor Hardaker of the two interesting bird sightings I had on your farm. He was most excited and has posted the info on his news letter as you can see. It will be interesting to see if this results in an influx of mad birders to River View Cottages. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay on your farm and would love to make a return trip some time in the future. All the very best.

white fronted bee-eater

white fronted bee-eater

This is the Southern African Rare Bird News Report issued at 20h00 on Thursday, 01 August 2013.
….Then, on to some news and, starting in the Western Cape, some interesting sightings have been received from the Calitzdorp region where a group of between 12 and 20 WHITE-FRONTED BEE-EATERS have been found to be breeding there! Although this species is known from previous records in the province, I cannot find any reference to breeding in the province before. They were seen on a farm along the Gamka River near the town (details of the farm at during the course of last week and, according to the farmer, have been present there for quite some time already! Also of interest, over the course of 2 days, the same farm produced 2 sightings of COMMON SCIMITARBILL. The bird(s) was calling actively during both sightings. The sightings may well refer to the same individual as they were only about 600m apart, but this is an incredibly rare bird in the province, so a great record indeed.Kind regards, TREVOR HARDAKER, Cape Town, South Africa

Hallo Bronwyn, Thank you for a place we really enjoyed and had time to recuperate, we really love your place. I was able to reconnect with my childhood and as this year is my year to find inner joy and to become whole again the stay at your place was truly a place of sanctuary for me. I am already planning to bring my two sons 5 and 8 to come experience the farm, there are very few places where one can stay to really experience “farm”.Thank you,

Ordinary on his way to become somebody finds sanctuary in the Desert. Putting back some Joy and Wholeness. Awakening the small joys of the young inner child. Remembering imagination. Jacques and Sam

Hi Bronwyn, In case you are interested in keeping/adding to the Bird list for the farm, here are my observations from the weekend. Warm regards, Mike

Sparrow Cape, Apalis Bar-throated, Bokmakierie, Masked-Weaver Southern,Chat Familiar,Bunting Cape,Scrub-Robin Karoo,Tit-Babbler,Cormorant White-breasted,Crombec Long-billed,Mousebird White-backed,Seedeater Streaky-headed,Bulbul Cape,Barbet Acacia Pied,Greenbul Sombre,Flycatcher Fiscal,Flycatcher Fairy,Canary White-throated,Tit-Babbler Chestnut-vented,Honeyguide Lesser,Starling Common,Neddicky Neddicky,Rock-Thrush Cape,Robin-Chat Cape,Sunbird Malachite,Prinia Karoo,Rush-Warbler Little,Batis Pririt,Mousebird Red-faced,White-eye Cape,Mousebird Speckled,Sparrow Southern Grey-headed,Bee-eater White-fronted,Drongo Fork-tailed,Wagtail Cape,Fiscal Common,Weaver Cape,Sunbird Greater Double-collared,Goose Egyptian,Hoopoe African,Starling Pied,Martin Rock,Heron Black-headed,Nightjar Fiery-necked,Dove Laughing,Waxbill Common,Kingfisher Brown-hooded,Martin Brown-throated

As said by Oslo: “And when you see this whole existence as a tremendous dance, a celebration, you are liberated by it. It is a celebration that liberates, it is love that liberates, it is beauty that liberates – it is not metaphysics or philosophy” – Here it comes Naturally! Thank you. Alwyn.

Found ‘Heaven and Earth’ and even a feather! Merci beaucoup. Natalie and Alwyn

Unbelievable! Did not have much time to go on walks. I decided to put my Landy on it’s side Sunday evening. Could not see what situations was in the dark, so sate tight until morning. Farmer took me to River View Cottages. Colin spent most of his day helping to tow Landy back onto road. Took me into town for supplies. Colin, Bronwyn and youngsters were amazing. You have restored my faith in humanity. I will definitely be back to finish hat I did not have time to do this trip. Dave.

Back again. Landy in Oudtshoorn. Waiting for quote. Will see what happens. Tx Bronwyn for keeping my ‘spot’ open. Dave.

When you can’t walk on water, take the boat. Easy come, easy go. Thanks for this wonderful place, where we have time for feelings and when needed, put them in order. I know this is a kind place and I hope to one day return my kindness. Hope to meet your dogs in the morning. Love, Me.

Dit was die eerste van nog baie kere! Julle het ‘n wonderlike plek, dankie vir die lafenis! Dis net wat die siel nodig gehad het. van, Sandra

Thank you for the most delightful stay, we were just absolutely comfortable, entranced with our surroundings, thoroughly enjoyed our walk and spending time capturing and enjoying the birds (or trying to get good photos!). Meeting you and your family (including the dogs!) was also a delight. We will be back, thank you, thank you! Fritz and Margie – not ready to leave!

Thank you for a lovely stay – we had everything we needed, surrounded by beauty, peace and tranquility. Pity I was not well and spent yesterday in bed – but what a lovely place to recuperate. I will be back to enjoy the walks. Cheryl and Mike.

All our lives we’ve searched for ‘Walden’ – a place of simplicity and soul. You have recognized and created it. A perfect harmony of nature and ‘isithunzi’ – Xhosa for Spirit, Presence and Respect. Martin and Marguerite. –
‘May the silence never be broken’ OMD

Dear Bronwyn, It was our 40th wedding anniversary treat to come here. We are enchanted. And I was moved to find my own novel in your bookshelf – And in such august company! It makes me feel as if a part of me will stay contentedly behind. Marguerite Poland

Ancient landscapes, silence,peace. We have never stayed in a place which enchanted us more. The simplicity of the cottage gave it grace – and yet it had every comfort: unobtrusve, sophisticated, thoughtful and charming. The fireplace in the bedroom is a winner. Martin and Marguerite

Martin and Bishop

Martin and Bishop

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