April 2012

May 22, 2012, from The River Farm Visitors' Book

The best weekend away from the ‘real’ world. The River View Cottages are the best way to clear the mind and re-connect with your soul. I planned a surprise weekend for my boyfriend, never knowing or expecting it to be such a fantastic experience. We did the cliff’s edge walk and Jock was our guardian all the way. He is such an amazing, fun, loving dog with an extraordinary personality. We had an amazing time and will miss it so, so, so much! Thank you for your warm welcome – be sure to see us again in the very near future.                                                  Charmaine and Eugene, April 2012.

Beautiful place to stay (we’d love to try it when it’s older too). I think I overdosed on Vanity Fair!                     Mark and Rodrik, April 2012.

Fantastic place, awesome views, brilliant sunsets and rises, lovely bird life, Jock, peaceful – we just loved being here with our daughter (from JHB), how she battled initially to the lack of pace in life – but leaves totally refreshed and ready to face life in the fast lane again. Our sort of place and we’ll be back again! Thank you so much for the experience.                                      Dave and Rita, April 2012

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