April 2010

November 1, 2011, from The River Farm Visitors' Book

Beautiful Nguni

A day at matjiesvlei: Opening our eye-balls we said hello to the mountain range :Hello mountains!” Jock was springing about on the porch calling us to join him in the morning breeze. Lovely. We headed towards the canoe, Jock said the conditions were just right. We paddled off and it was clear Jock was furious he was left on the raft. And so Jock leapt into the river and onto our trail. We greeted the dassies and paddled on, spotting the Fish Eagle pair. We even caught a glimpse of a sly mongoose. Jock boarded the canoe after swimming 200m, he seemed as though he needed a break. We jumped into the river – a bit chilly for humans! It was midday and a stroll was in order, to see the pigs! Unfortunately it was their siesta and so they were all resting their bones in the cool shade and soothing mud. They were friendly and we had a light discussion with a brown pig who was drinking some fresh mountain spring water. We strolled on, up the road into the little crannies of the Karoo. We returned to snack by the river and relax! We even spotted a small snake. And so we bid farewell to the sheep, the cows, the birds, the fish, the snake and the sly mongoose. We especially bid farewell to Jock – what a lovely hound who made us feel so welcome! Thank you Bronwyn and Colin.                                                                       Jane and Michael, April 2010.

Dear Bronwyn and Colin, As I walked through the front door of the Western River View Cottage I was even more sorry that I wasn’t with you to share my first viewing of all your effort with you. I can best sum it up rather inadequately in one word: Wow! Many travels, many places in the Karoos, but this really is something. Of course its charm (and many good books including Raymond Carver) scuppered my plans for a weekend of uninterrupted work on my laptop…I guess that says it all.                                   ‘Sudden the desert changes, the raw glare softens and clings, till the aching Oudtshoorn ranges, stand up like the thrones of Kings’. Rudyard Kipling                                                                                                                             Derek, April 2010

Thank you for building these cottages that enable us to share your little piece of paradise. We loved everything from the quiet to the birds to the tastefully decorated interior. We will definitely be back.                 Pippa and Vic, April 2010.

We enjoyed our stay, thank you so much for your hospitality! If possible we would definitely return.                                                         Arno and Penny, April 2010.

By my arrival, I started to enjoy myself. Thanks for the hospitality. It was a pleasure to meet you.                                                                                Peet, April 2010.

Feel this love, pulling like a river. Drink dawn, like a cup of spring water. Take in sunset, like supper. Close the language door. Open the love-window. The moon won’t use the door, only the window. Rumi (abridged). Gratitude to you, Colin and Bronwyn and family. I feel renewed and peaceful, and inspired by the beauty and friendship. Until next meeting.                                                                          Harold, April 2010.

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