River View Reflections: A Visitors’ book

October 31, 2011, Posted by The River Farm Visitors' Book

This blog is a collection of reflections from visitors to the River View Cottages.

We put a Visitor’s Book in each cottage with the following message:

River View Reflections 

This book is for you to write down any of your reflections while you are here. It’ll be a compilation by visitors to Matjiesvlei. A visitors’ book.

You know how, if you ask a room full of people, ‘Who can draw?’ almost no-one says ‘Yes’. It is probably the same for writing. We assume ‘draw or write extremely well’ or ‘like one of the greats’. But there is a sense in which we all answer ‘Yes’.

Before our son Cole joined our family, most of us would have said that we could not draw. But Cole regularly walks into the lounge with a pile of blank pages and approaches any one of us. ‘Grandad, draw me a monster’. And he does. An amazing monster. We have all been approached by Cole. We have each added many monsters to his collection.

Matjiesvlei affects people. Visitors to our first guest house, The Old School House, have over the years shared their responses to being here with us. Their responses have affected us. Whether it is a response to the environment, the way of life Matjiesvlei fosters or the space it provides for their own thoughts, these responses hold value. We thought it would be cool to try to preserve and share these responses somehow.

So in accordance with the ‘Yes’ in each of us, be free to add yours. Write or draw. Leave you name or don’t.

Colin and Bronwyn, The River Farm, Matjiesvlei

Visitors have now filled a number of these books with their inspiring reflections. So we are putting them into this blog, together with photographs that visitors have sent us, so as to preserve and share the River View Reflections: A Visitors’ Book.